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New SmartLine GPS Line Marker
Line Marking has Changed Forever - Save 98% Set Out Time

If you mark sport fields, then your world has just changed. FountainLine has launched its defence-grade satellite-guided SmartLine GPS line marker, in an Australian debut that reduces time spent on-field by more than 90 percent. A cost saving of over 4 hours set out time per field.

The SmartLine GPS model brings Swiss accuracy, application and an easy-to-follow LCD display, combined with the ‘rolls-royce’ of FountainLine line marking machines.

The result: line-marking with pin-point accuracy, and seconds for initial and remarking set outs. 

With no need for tapes, pegs or strings—or a second greenkeeper—the average time taken to set out a sports field is reduced by around 98 percent.

Next season sports field set outs takes even less time, because the machine has an in-built locator and direction finder, and knows precisely which field you are in and where to start from—you only need to nominate the field type and go.

The SmartLine GPS line marker marks the first time and every time with consistency and accurate Swiss technology. SmartLine GPS is the first line marking machine of its kind in Australia. The package includes a range of soccer, NRL, Rugby Union, Hockey and AFL fields, scalable for each ground.

SmartLine GPS Video - Click Here

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