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Indicate 5 Pesticide Adjuvant
New from the United States, Globe Growing Solutions introduces Indicate 5 Pesticide Adjuvant.
Indicate 5 is a premium multi-purpose adjuvant designed to adjust pH in water so that maximum efficacy of foliar sprays can be realised. Derived from unique US technology, Indicate 5 comes to the Australian Turf Market through Globe Growing Solutions. Indicate 5 will acidify all alkaline waters as well as neutralise the dissolved salts present in hard waters. Mixing Indicate 5 into your spray solution requires no lab tests, litmus paper, or guesswork. Indicate 5 turns the solution pink when the optimum pH has been achieved making it easy and efficient to use.

For more information on Indicate 5 click here, or contact your local Globe Growing Solutions representative using the details found on the Contact Us page.

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