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New to Australia - Humic DG
Globe Growing Solutions introduces Humic DG organic amendment to the Australian turf market.
Humic DG brings new technology to the Australian turf market in the form of a blendable, dispersible and spreadable biological, organic amendment. Unlike other organic amendments currently available, Humic DG contains four vital components to assist in conditioning the soil, stimulating microbial activity and promoting plant health and stress resistance. These four unique components range from very soluble to insoluble in soil media. Working together synergistically, these components provide the soil and the plant with a range of benefits, from highly soluble and plant available Fulvic Acid, to insoluble high nutrient holding capacity of Humin.

To find out more information or to order Humic DG, please contact your local Globe Growing Solutions representative using the details found on the Contact Us page.
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