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Controlled Release Fertiliser

Name Description Code Pack Size Files
NPK 18:10:10
48% CRN
A high quality controlled release fertiliser for use on fairways, playing fields, turf farms, and other amenity turf areas.  High phosphorus formula contains NS-52 nitrogen for extended feeding.  Uniform particle sizing ensures consistent coverage and maximum performance. Ideal for turf establishment.
FAN1895 20KG
NPK 21:0:16 + 3% Fe
75% CRN
High quality controlled release fertiliser for use on fairways, playing fields, turf farms, and other amenity turf areas. Balanced formula contains NS-52 nitrogen for extended feeding plus 3% iron for immediate turf colour response. Uniform particle sizing ensures consistent coverage and maximum performance. Ideal for maintenance feeding throughout the year. FAN2115FE4 20KG
NPK 23:1:8 + 5% Fe
65% CRN
Premium SGN 150 prill controlled release fertiliser ideal for application to low cut fairways, tees and amenity turf areas. Excellent particle sizing and uniformity ensures consistent results across the applied surface. FAN231FE4 20KG
NPK 22:1:5
100% CRN
A high nitrogen compound coated fertiliser (CCF) for application to large turf areas such as fairways, parks, gardens and sportsfields. Unique, sulphur-free FCMP coating technology for sustained nutrient release. FLIHN20 20KG
NPK 30:1:6
22% CRN
2 Spec Accelerate made to a specification when a quick response is required. The high level of up front nitrogen produces fast growth and colour. This formulation is specified for situations when improved appearance is required or the need for rapid turf recovery from wear, damage or disease. Also suitable to stimulate warm season grasses from dormancy. FSPAC20 20KG
NPK 23:1:10 + 2% Fe
55% CRN
2 Spec Elevate is the ideal specification for the enhancement of an existing turf cover, providing excellent colour and a high level of turf growth. This product applied at routine intervals will provide an exceptional deep colour with excellent growth. FSPEL20 20KG
NPK 20:0:20
40% CRN
2 Spec Endurance is the specification for when turf requires a balance between growth and durability. The equal Potassium to Nitrogen ratio builds strength in the plant to cope with the stresses of wear, seasonal demands, and disease pressures. At the same time providing an even resilient growth pattern. Endurance is ideal for cool season application. FSPEN20 20KG
NPK 15:10:10
40% CRN
2 Spec Establish is specified when the rapid establishment of turf is required. Nutrient availability is important in getting turf off to a good start. 2 Spec Establish is designed to provide healthy vigorous root growth to support an even leaf coverage. Designed for use with seed or stolons. FSPES20 20KG
NPK 30:1:5
85% CRN
2 Spec Sustain is the ideal specification where excellent colour and a longer period of slow release is required. Ideal for the maintenance of high quality turf. This formulation is specified when frequent applications are not possible, and has the lowest burn potential of the 2 SPEC range. FSPSU20 20KG
Fertiliser to Specifications
2SPEC Custom Blends allow the user to create their own fertiliser based on their specific nutritional and elemental agronomic requirements. Blends can also be created based on the recommendations resulting from a recent soil, water or tissue testing via Globe Analytical. 2SPEC Custom Blends have the ability to not only meet the nutritional requirements, but also allow for added soil amendments or microbial materials in the blend. It is a truly customised product created to balance and meet both your agronomical and budgetary requirements. For more details on the 2SPEC Custom Blends contact your local Globe Growing Solutions Client Manager here to discuss the possibilities.    20Kg
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