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Straight Fertiliser

Name Description Code Pack Size Files
AZALEA & CAMELLIA FOOD A balanced NPK fertiliser specifically formulated to provide the essential nutrients required for lush growth in Azalea and Camellia species. FAZCA25 20KG
GREENTOP K A high analysis NK fertiliser with a high loading of plant available nitrogen and potassium, ideal for initiating quick, lush growth in high cut turf. FGRTK25
LANDSCAPE PRO 6-9mth A balanced coated fertiliser ideal for sustained feeding of ornamental and landscape plants over a 6-9 month period. FLAPO20 20KG
NATIVE PLANT FOOD A complete solution to native plant nutrition, providing the nutrients essential for sustained vigorous growth, without the dangers of high phosphorus application. FNAPL25 20KG
PROLIFIC BLUE AN An economical compound fertiliser delivering plant available nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to the plant. Ideal for use in turf and other horticultural situations. FPROB20 20KG
FRUIT AND FLOWERING FOOD A balanced fertiliser formulated to provide plants with the required nutrients for lush, prlific flower and fruit production. Ideal for use on a range of ornamental and horticultural plants. FROFO25 25KG
No 17 LAWN FOOD A homogenous balanced fertiliser providing plant available nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium for lush plant growth in high cut turf situations. FSH1720 20KG
SULPHATE OF POTASH GRANULAR A granular form of potassium sulphate, ideal for supplying the plant with potassium and sulphur in turf and other horticultural situations. FSUPO25G 25KG
UREA GRANULAR A high analysis granular urea ideal for delivering nitrogen directly to the plant in an available form. FUREA20 20KG
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