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Plant Growth Regulators

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120g/L Trinexapac-ethyl
An efficient and versatile turf growth regulator that maximises turf quality, pre-conditions for stress prevention and reduces turf maintenance costs. Primo MAXX provides a smooth, tightly knit cover that is better able to withstand stress. This enhances the playability of many surfaces including fairways, greens and tees on golf courses as well as sport fields and other playing surfaces. CPRIM-5 5L
250 g/L Trinexapac-ethyl
A high analysis broadacre formulation of Primo offering a unique tool for turf managers. Improves turf quality and reduces costs associated with mowing. Ideal for use in a wide variety of turf situations, including golf courses, sports fields, race tracks, parks and gardens. CPRMO-5 5L
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