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Colourants / Dyes

Name Description Code Pack Size Files
BIG FOOT LIQUID A blue turf grass spray pattern indicator which allows accurate and economical application of chemicals. It is a non staining and biodegradable substance. CBIGF-5
ENVIRODYE AQUA Low toxicity colourant for still water features such as lakes or ponds.  CENVA-5
ENVIRODYE RED Environmentally friendly red spray pattern indicator for marking vegetation, assisting in improved chemical coverage. Does not contain Rhodamine B. CENVR-5 5L
Green Pigment
GreenPIG is a premium pigment additive specifically formulated for golf and sports turf facilities to enhance and extend aesthetic turf appearances. GreenPIG is an excellent additive to enhance turf colour during the growing season as well as to mask dormant turf during the winter months.  FGRPU-9 9.4L
GREEN LAWNGER A fast, economical way to instantly restore the natural green colour to dormant or discoloured turf. Easily applied with many types of sprayers, Green Lawnger adds a healthy, natural look to off-coloured warm and cool season turf grasses. CGLAW10 10L
VISION PRO Vision Pro spray application aid and UV resistant turf colourant helps professional turf managers achieve uniform applications of plant protection products with the added feature of longer-lasting green turf colour. CVISP10 10L
LAKE COLORANT WSP Lake Colourant WSP is a concentrated blend of dyes, that colours water a blue green shade to enhance aesthetic qualities. It can be used in natural or ornamental contained bodies of water, safe for fish, birds and wildlife. CLCWSP 4 x 1
LAKE PAK WSP A concentrated microbial based product containing billions of CFUs (Colony Forming Units) per gram, and packaged in easy to use water soluble packets. LakePak WSP biodegrades nutrients, organic matter and hydrocarbons to reduce scum, sludge and foul odours and is non-toxic to humans, and animals. CLPWSP 6 x 227g
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