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GERMINATOR SUPER SPORTS This premium sportsfield blend of elite turf type perennial ryegrass is selected through the very best seed research varieties that provide quick establishment, high wear tolerance and outstanding colour and texture. SB06 25KG
RYEGRASS SR4650 PERENNIAL A premium elite turf type variety for use on sportsfields, fairways and landscape applications.SR4650 comes out of the Seed Research of Oregon breeding programme which is renowned for their production of leading turfgrass varieties.SR4650 is a low growing perennial with superior density, very dark green colour and disease resistance SRY44 25KG

Improved textured fast establishing annual ryegrass with zero endophyte, ideal for oversowing warm season turf.

SRY41 25KG  
GERMINATOR TRIPLE ELITE A blend of three turf type ryegrasses suitable for use in oversowing both cool and or warm season sportsfields and fairways. Varieties are carefully selected to incorporate seasonal growth habits, fast establishment and durability. SB07 25KG
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