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BENTGRASS PENNCROSS COATED Aggressiveness, vigour and wear tolerance make Penncross a natural for greens, tees, and fairways. Penncross' ability to perform under a wide range of conditions makes this bentgrass adaptable virtually anywhere SBE50 11.34KG  
BENTGRASS DOMINANT EXTREME DOMINANT XTREME blend combines the cold weather performance and disease resistance of Providence (SR1019) with the fast establishing and superb putting quality of SR1119, and the darker colour of SR1120. SBE13 11.34KG  
BENTGRASS - PENN A4 Penn A-4 is dark green with fine leaf texture, exceptional heat and cold tolerance, high density, disease resistance, and aggressive growth habit. It provides a smooth grainless putting surface. Penn A-4 will also provide a good playing surface for tees and fairways. SBPENNA4 11.36KG  
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