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Analytical and diagnostic services include:


Soil Testing

Remove the guess work from nutrition programming, Globe provides a complete nutrient analysis which includes all cations, soil pH, EC and trace elements.  Globe can provde made to measure testing and interpretation on all facets of soil chemistry providing specific solutions for our customers.  Our expert technical team of David Westall, John Pemberthy, Ramiro Martinez and Dr Brett Morris are happy to support customers in all facets of Turf Science.


Nematode Extraction Service

When dealing with nematodes the customer requires fast, reliable and professional service. The Nematode Extraction service offers just that. The report includes photographs of root samples provided, information on the nematodes present, plus additional management considerations.


USGA Sportsturf Construction Suitability Analysis

The USGA Physical Soil Analysis provides a comprehensive and complete insight into the physical attributes of a turfgrass profile material. Physical analysis packages can be tailored to the specific needs of the turf manager.


Disease Diagnosis Report

The Disease Diagnostic service is aimed at providing comprehensive review of disease activity in relation to plant physiology, with photos and analysis of disease severity included in the report. A programmed approach to control and prevention is provided, including both chemical and cultural recommendations.


Turf Health Analysis

Turf Health Analysis provides a quantitative analysis on both nematode and disease activity within the turf sample, with a particular focus on foot functionality. It provides the customer with a true snapshot of turf health, and what may be required to improve it.


Sportsfield Assessment and Consultancy

The Sportsfield Assessment is a quantitative audit of sportsfields and recreational turf areas. The assessment and maintenance recommendations are detailed in a comprehensive final report. This service can be tailored to suit specific customer needs.