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  • bentgrass-dominant-xtreme

    Bentgrass Dominant Xtreme

    Dominant Xtreme blend combines cold weather performance and disease resistance
  • penn-a4-packshot

    Bentgrass Penn A-4

    Exceptional heat and cold tolerance, high density, disease resistance
  • pencross-coated

    Bentgrass Penncross Coated

    Aggressiveness, vigour and wear tolerance
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    Germinator Parkmix

    Quick germinating ryegrass, fine textured creeping red fescue & couch for summer hardiness
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    Germinator Triple Elite

    A blend of three turf type ryegrasses suitable for use in oversowing both cool and or warm season sportsfields and fairways
  • great_yarmouth_racecourse

    Kikuyu Seed

    Kikuyu, vigorous and hardy with good wear the drought tolerance.
  • la-prima

    La Prima Couch

    La Prima couch is a proven fast performer.
  • golf-course

    Racehorse Poa Trivialis

    Mixes well with other species Strong seedling vigor. Low vertical growth Performs well in the shade
  • f_m_turf_field___img_0152

    Ryegrass Germinator Tracer

    Tracer exhibits excellent colour, density and durability through the winter playing period.
  • f_m_turf_field___img_0152

    Ryegrass TranStar

    A combination of both perennial and annual ryegrass.
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